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Easier ecommerce

PostNord Shopping

Did you know that PostNord has launch it’s own online shopping mall? The consumers are getting higher and higher expectations when shopping online; better information, faster deliveries, easier returns, seemless payments. Consequently our vision is quite simply; easier ecommerce!

So what is easier ecommerce? Well, we believe that the consumer wants to order products from various ecommerce sites, combined in one order, one payment transaction and one (or no) transportation cost. They want to know when and where the products will be delivered, and they may want to change both the delivery options and payment options in the time between the order placement and the delivery.

In PostNord Shopping you get all of these benefits! The consumer can buy products from multiple ecommerce sites in one order – we simply split the order and place multiple orders to multiple vendors. PostNord then buys the products, also known as flash ownership, giving the consumer free choice of payment method up until the delivery. Our state of the art cash on delivery (COD) solution provides excellent flexibility for the consumers; they may pay by Visa or MasterCard, Vipps or postponed payment (invoice), and don’t have to make the choice before collecting their shipments! The consumer may also use any of our delivery services, like flex change, extended storage time or pick up by proxy!

Why should I integrate?

In the Nordics, we have more than one million daily users visiting our sites, and we want to share these potential users with you! It is important for us that your brand and the ”look and feel” your ecommerce site is kept and profilated in our online shopping mall. Thus, you can customize your store through CSS, upload banners and campaigns, add contact information to your customer service and serve your products to all of our users.

Who can integrate?

A prerequisite for integrating with PostNord Shopping is that you use PostNord as your preferred partner for your B2C shipments.

How can I integrate?

Firstly, we need a product feed from your ecommerce site with product information, prices, warehouse status, etc. Secondly, you need to implement our Order API. Through the Order API we can place orders directly to your backend system and so that the order may be processed in the same way as you process any other order from your ecommerce site.